Light board Studio

Lightboard technology is new way of delivering online lectures allowing faculties ininstitutes,consultants in organisations and marketing products, virtually enhance and expand their lecture idea, product, teaching skills and innovations globally.

The Lightboard is different from typical blackboard, whiteboard or smartboard, helps expressing the content always facing the viewer and enhance their content and presentation using various live feature available in lightboard with no post processing.

Lightboard can be used to make online e-learning library for institute and marketing product information and company consultants to represent their product, technology, idea etc.

Image Overlay

Image can be used to annotate in real time during lectures to explain the content or product enhancing better visual and understanding.

PPT Interface

Power point containing images, videos, animations can be interfaced live during lecture to make it more informative, expressive and interesting.


Any online or offline video can be projected on screen to make it interface with lecturer, along with control to play, pause and stop video to elaborate or give more virtual visit to knowledge.

Screen Cast

The laptop or pc screen to explain software’s, coding’s or browsing can be casted on board with 100% visibility, various transparencies and also screen share with screen casting.

Real Setup

Any real instrument, device or setup can be used to demonstrate by annotating with its reference on screen for more real and practical understanding.

Live Webcam Interface

Multiple webcams can be projected on board live for showing various in hand small components,notes from books live video call etc.

Ghost Projection

During screen cast, video, image or ppt interfaced, the speaker can have its live appearance to navigate through various section of boards or content with various transparencies.

Studio Setup

To setup the studio it requires soundproof room with black backdrop or flood lights and glass board. To integrate sound system, high configuration computers, teleprompters, collar mikes and video camera and lot more accessories.

Hardware Control

To integrate sound system, light system, high configuration computers, teleprompters, collar mikes and video camera.